Life, Love & Existential Dread

Robots, Vengeance, & Space Adventures... Yes Please!

August 5th, 2022

On this very special episode of Life, Love, & Existential Dread - Bryan and Nathan are joined by Nathan's good friend, indie-filmmaker extraordinaire, Jeff Williams. Jeff's latest film, MEAD, starring Patton Oswalt, Robert Picardo, & featuring Patrick Warburton, rockets our way via multiple streaming platforms, DVD, Blu-Ray, & On-Demand August 9th! While discussing the arduous process of creating such a sci-fi visual spectacle (primarily all by himself in his home studio), Jeff recounts the inspirations that formed the film, as well as some great behind-the-scenes stories while working with the talented cast and crew. You don't want to miss this in-depth conversation between these 3 creatives as they explore what it's truly like to birth an independent project and see it through from inspiration to releasing it into the world, in "Robots, Vengeance, & Space Adventures... Yes Please!"

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